• How To Recover After Exercise?

    Sports are an important part of a healthy life . Rest and good nutrition are essential to recover well after a workout. To get the best out of it, we talk about the "window of opportunity" . It is particularly open between the end of your training and the next two hours . At that point, your body is particularly receptive to the nutrients it receives and this can help restore and rebuild the body and muscles after training.


    Rehydration by replacing electrolytes and reducing muscle loss from protein consumption is important to quickly feel stronger, healthier and lighter. The following strategies will help you achieve these goals, and will allow you to recover and perform better. That said, it is also important to mention that you should also eat foods that are high in nutrients , high in antioxidants and anti-inflammatory substances. This is critical, especially to avoid the oxidative stress from exercise .


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    Coconut water


    It contains potassium, magnesium and calcium , making it a very good substitute for electrolytes after exercise . Electrolytes have several crucial functions for the body, such as maintaining proper hydration, controlling heart rate and helping to relax muscles, perfect for good recovery.


    Anyway, drink, and drink quickly ! Don't wait until you're done or thirsty, hydrate quickly.




    Spirulina is a natural , highly nutritious seaweed that comes from marine salt waters. It is one of the best sources of nutrients . It is 60-70% protein (about 3-4 times more than meat) and is rich in important nutrients such as iron , vitamin B12 , potassium , magnesium , sodium , phosphorus and calcium . Studies show that consuming spirulina has positive effects on endurance , improves recovery after exerciseand reduces the effects of stress on the body after exercise. Spirulina is an alkalizing agent , which is good for the blood because it balances the pH value. It would also have positive effects on the bones.


    Maca powder


    Maca roots, Peruvian ginseng, are exceptionally nutritious, full of amino acids, antioxidants, vitamins and minerals . Maca powder provides energy, regulates stress, maintains hormone levels and even influences mood! It can be eaten before and after exercise , perfect for blending into a smoothie. Tip: coconut water as a base, a few vegetable leaves, banana, good protein powder and a little maca powder!


    Protein powder


    No surprise to those accustomed to exercise. This is especially important for people who train intensively. Vegetable protein powders are recommended here because they help keep your muscles in a healthy way building to again . Our powders are vegan and environmentally friendly.